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Welcome to the web site of the Generation Gap.  A Central New York dance band playing music for the generations.    Everything from classic rock to country and maybe even a little metal.  If you can dance to it, we will play it.  We would love to play some music for you so check out our upcoming events and come out and give us a listen.  And of course, like us on Facebook!
Falcon Lanes Tidal Wave Bar 1/28/17
Thunderbird Lodge - Song Mountain - 2/11/17
___________________________ Next public event: June 16th, Saturday Finger Lakes on Tap 35 Fennell St Skaneateles, NY13021 7:00 - 10:00 _________________________
Sue Alexander on vocals, percussion and keyboards Giovanni Pettigrass on lead and rhythm guitar as well as bass, keyboards and vocals (and trombone) Michael Montagna on rhythm and lead guitar, vocals and keyboards Kevin Kiniry on bass guitar, lead and rhythm guitar and vocals Greg Weslowski on Drums Eric Rice on the sound board, and bass from time to time.  (yup, that is his hand right there) Diane Montagna - photos, videos, posters etc, etc, etc... Home